Anti-ABC (Anything But Chardonnay). A Chardonnay Tasting at Appellation Wines.

Anti-ABC (Anything But Chardonnay). A Chardonnay Tasting at Appellation Wines.As you may know or have gathered I am a pretty huge Chardonnay fan, but unfortunately not everybody feels the same as me. Many years ago in the olden days of the 1990s, Chardonnay was pretty popular. Wines from Australia were hitting the shelves which were experimenting with their new found international interest. As they... Read More »

Bin Ends Tasting at WoodWinters 31/01/2014

On Friday night WoodWinters put on a free tasting their shop in Newington to show off some of their Bin End wines (wines they need to shift in order to get new stock in). When I got there a half hour before it was meant to end, there was a good range of wines to... Read More »

Like a Rolling Stone.

Like a Rolling Stone.OMG (sorry for going all youth there lol) but OMG. Did you see this story about the MASSIVE boulder that ripped through an Italian vineyard? Well look at this… Here is a report published by Drinks Business Magazine on 29th January. Dramatic imagery shows the extent of the damage following the landslide on 21 January... Read More »

Alcohol Free Eisberg Chardonnay

Alcohol Free Eisberg ChardonnayA few weeks ago after my last post I got a tweet (@EdinWineBlogger) from a lovely lady at a PR company inviting me to an event. How exciting! “What could this event be” I thought. Could it be a launch of a new wine, an industry wine tasting, a star studded movie premier? Well not... Read More »

Something Unusual in my Glass!

Something Unusual in my Glass!Well that’s the Christmas and New Year festivities over for another year. I’ve have drunk my way through quite a few delicious  and not so delicious wines over the last few weeks which I will post about shortly. One in particular which I was very surprised with, in a good way, which I will definitely... Read More »

Winter Warming Fortified Wines at Appellation Wines, 18/12/2013

It’s about time I put up a post relating to Christmas as it is fast approaching that time of year when everybody’s favourite chimney botherer is busier than a busy thing and some inspiration in the festive drinks department may be needed. As it turns out, Appellation Wines had the great idea of putting on... Read More »

Sasseo Primitivo 2010, Bacco Wines £14

Sasseo Primitivo 2010, Bacco Wines £14Back in early November Edinburgh saw the opening of a new wine shop, Bacco Wines, situated at the bottom of Dundas Street. On my first visit they just so happened to have a few bottles open for the lucky public to try, and I have to say, the wines that evening were all fantastic, but... Read More »

How I Score Wines…

If you are a follower of this blog type thing I’m doing you will see that whenever I review a wine I give it a some points, a score some might say. But what the hell am I insinuating with these scores and what do they really mean? Well let me explain. First, a little... Read More »

Mon Vieux Sheer Syrah Tannat 2011, Vino Wines Morningside, £11.25

Mon Vieux Sheer Syrah Tannat 2011, Vino Wines Morningside, £11.25  On my last blog post I said I was going to do a review of one of the best wines I’ve tasted this year. As a keeper of my promises, here it is. The wine in question was bought and drunk a good couple of months ago so all I have to go on with... Read More »

Edinburgh’s Festive wine Fairs 2013. Bring it on!

It’s that time of year again, my inbox is filling up with news of a plentiful bounty of wine fairs happening throughout Edinburgh in the run up Christmas. In the next 7 weeks there are no fewer than 9 wine fairs being held in Edinburgh, each hoping to catch the attention of the Edinburgh wine buying public by... Read More »